Global Compliance

Fully automated code level compliance platform

DevOps and App Dev

Discover the unknowns across your enterprise

Automated Cloud Migrations

One click migration to the cloud of choice


Google has mapped every road, every street on the planet. Have you mapped your enterprise yet?

KloudGaze automatically maps every application and database in your enterprise, across multiple platforms, down to code levels and automatically generates a powerful dependency model that gives you a detailed 360 degree view of your enterprise enabling you to conduct powerful analysis

100% Agentless Solution

KloudGaze is the first and only solution in the industry that extracts information from your applications and databases using smart API’s and does not require you to install any agents in your enterprise. Installing 3rd party agents in your servers to extract information introduces severe security risks

Global Compliance

View the code elements across your enterprise that are causing compliance risks like GDPR, CCPA and exactly which compliance rule is being violated

Application Development

Speed up your development, reduce costs, increase quality by as much as 50%. Deliver Faster, Cheaper and Higher Quality projects

Automated Cloud Migration

See what it takes to migrate applications and databases to the cloud. Detailed analysis of all risks and dependencies. Move applications and databases to your cloud of choice at the click of a button


Plugs the key missing piece of the DevOps cycle, Change Assessment. Enable your agile teams to run faster and with higher confidence by using the powerful Change Assessment capabilities

KloudGaze supports multiple platforms

+Many More….

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