Upwards of 50% of BOTH Time and Cost of any Application Development project is spent on manual analysis.

Tens of thousands of systems in an enterprise, Billions of lines of code…

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on expensive and scare engineering resources to “connect the dots” and assess impacts for even the slightest of change needed across any application or database in an enterprise.

KloudGaze is the only fully automated and “agentless”* solution that instantly creates a code level dependency map of the entire enterprise.

* Installing 3rd party agents in your environment introduces significant security risks






How KloudGaze Speeds Application Development

  • Using SmartAPI’s, KloudGaze is able to instantly analyze code level details of applications and databases
  • Proprietary algorithm generates a code level dependency map across the enterprise
  • Billions of lines of code across multiple applications and databases irrespective of the technology stack are instantly tied together into a map
  • Powerful analytical models let you instantly assess impacts at code levels of making changes

KloudGaze is the Industry’s First Fully Automated Agentless Solution that:

  • Delivers powerful ROI’s by eliminating upto 50% of Time and Cost of development projects
  • Eliminates the “Hidden” and the “Unknowns” of your enterprise
  • Improves QA, delivers better products with fewer defects and downtime
  • Completely eliminates the risk associated with making changes
  • Makes AGILE teams more effective and sprint faster

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