One-Click Migration of Apps and Databases to the Cloud

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Migrate Applications and Databases to the Cloud of Your Choice with Confidence

Introducing KloudMove, the world’s first automated cloud migration and dependency mapping technology

Though nearly every company on the planet now has a cloud strategy in their roadmap, global cloud adoption is still below 15%. Why? Because mapping out endless lines of code across thousands of applications and databases is a massive undertaking with pitfalls large enough to swallow any enterprise.

Fortunately, there are now tools, like KloudMove, designed to complete this process for you. This eliminates the need to rely on an endless collection of spreadsheets to track every app in your business IT landscape when migrating to the cloud.

Plan Your Cloud Migration Strategy

With KloudMove’s insights into your current application stack, you can plan your cloud migration strategy, eliminate surprises, and avoid the incomplete migration of applications or infrastructure components.

In this way, you minimize business risks and enable your IT team to focus on higher- value tasks that actually advance your organization’s mission.

Eliminate Expensive Cloud Consulting Services

KloudMove eliminates the need for expensive cloud consulting services to perform feasibility analysis, provide cloud platform recommendation and determine the right migration strategy for your applications and databases.

Get Actionable Cloud Migration Steps

KloudMove will prepare a detailed roadmap for your preferred cloud migration strategy at the click of a button.

  • Lift & Shift: Automatically move the assets to the cloud of your choice.
  • Refactoring: Automatically change the code that can be migrated to the cloud and generate the detailed migration plan for manual changes.
  • Replatforming & Redevelopment: Generate a detailed plan to replatform or redevelop your assets for cloud migration covering all dependencies, impacts, and changes needed.

Supported Cloud Platforms

How It Works?

Automatically analyze each asset (application or database) for cloud migration

Financial Analysis

Get detailed financial ROI between current on-premise operating costs and cloud operating costs.

Platform Recommendation

Determine the best choice of platform between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google.

Migration Recommendation

Determine the most suitable cloud migration strategy (Lift & Shift, Refactoring, Replatforming, Redevelopment) for your assets.

Automated Cloud Migration

At the click of a button the chosen application(s) or database(s) are migrated to the cloud of choice within minutes.

Why KloudMove?

As the industry’s first 100% AGENTLESS solution, KloudMove leverages smart APIs to extract application and database information to validate application dependencies and deliver seamless, step-by-step migration strategy to the cloud of your choice.

Different from other cloud migration technology, KloudMove offers valuable discovery and dependency mapping tools, which will enable you to:

  • Adopt cloud technology faster
  • Accelerate cloud migration with correct dependency mapping
  • Seamlessly move to the cloud platform of your choice
  • Move apps and databases to the cloud with ease
  • Automatically recreate dependencies