DevOps is now in its second decade, and it’s evolving faster than other kinds of software delivery. Currently, developers focus on value delivery with a customer-centric core. But what does the next decade hold? In this article, we will reveal the trends, insights, and predictions for the future of DevOps. Let’s get started. 1. From […]

38% of enterprises embrace continuous delivery. And it’s for a reason. Continuous innovations at unparalleled speeds are the primary expectation of customers in today’s digital economy. This means that to ensure the delivery of stellar services and applications that satisfy customer expectations organizations must embrace a strategic software development process. Executives must be determined to […]

Does your team have a dependency map? What about your service or product? If not, they should. As software grows in complexity, knowing your application dependencies is essential for minimizing project risks, especially in the early stages of the product life cycle. Every infrastructure, from small businesses to large enterprises, are susceptible to blind spots—and […]

Digital transformation means integrating the latest digital technology into all aspects of an organization while streamlining and integrating data flows and software. 2020 has seen a rapid acceleration of these technological integrations into businesses due to COVID-19, which has forced most brands to embrace high-speed digital innovation. Indeed, enterprises have had to undergo unthinkable levels […]

Data is an ingrained part of today’s business world. Companies deal regularly with vast amounts of collected data for research, operations, and strategy. For this reason, many enterprises have created the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO), professionals tasked with managing the massive flows of data in an organization and ensuring it complies with government […]

Agile, DevOps, and other development methodologies are enabling organizations to refine their development approach and streamline it for efficiency, functionality, and rapid deployment. The speed and frequency of new releases are raising key security and compliance concerns, however. To keep up with the rapid pace of delivery, organizations need to integrate processes and tools into […]

As organizations shift their workloads and data to the cloud, the desire to keep applications running continuously and seamlessly has driven enterprises to rely on containers and their dependencies. In fact, there’s a massive rise in the percentage of organizations that have containerized half of their applications. Recent research also shows that by 2023 70% […]

Agile vs. DevOps has been a long-standing debate. Agile development embraces the dynamic nature of project management by prioritizing scalable software over rigid processes. DevOps, by comparison, is focused on removing restrictive silos between development and operation teams to support continuous delivery. There is some overlap in their fundamental ideas, but each focuses on different […]

Enterprise IT governance is a corporate responsibility. Moreover, when done effectively, IT governance can minimize security risks, ensure proper legal compliance, and keep organizations competitive. Over 90% of senior business leaders identify strong IT governance as a leading factor in positive business outcomes and overall agility. In this post, we’ll highlight the importance of modernizing […]

Cloud computing is already experiencing wide-scale adoption—and its growth in enterprise usage continues to surpass expectations. Research from Gartner shows that as of 2019, cloud revenues rose by 17.3%, alongside the Infrastructure as a Service industry, which experienced a 27.6% revenue increase in the same year. Although cloud services are becoming more and more of […]