The most critical element to complete your organization’s DevOps framework and to enable AGILE teams sprint faster is missing

Tens of thousands of systems in an 

enterprise, Billions of lines of code…….

The most critical element to enable a successful DevOps strategy is the ability of teams to churn out analysis at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, this is still a manual process even in today’s day and age with no automation available.

KloudGaze is the only fully automated technology that delivers automated analysis across every phase of the DevOps cycle and seamlessly integrates with key tools delivering powerful ROI’s to your DevOps investments.







How KloudGaze fosters a better DevOps

  • Using SmartAPI’s, KloudGaze is able to instantly generate a priceless Dependency view, complete with detailed synthesis of the entire landscape to the code levels
  • Proprietary algorithm generates a code level dependency map across the enterprise
  • Powerful analytical capabilities deliver comprehensive details of every application and database
  • Completely eliminates the need for any technical documentation and system artifacts of current applications or databases
  • Delivers powerful automation across the need to conduct analysis, change assessment, QA and continuous development

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