Tens of thousands of systems in an 

enterprise, Billions of lines of code…….

With this level of complexity, there is never an easy way to find the exact applications, databases and their codes, triggers, stored procedures that are causing compliance risks across the enterprise, exposure to regulators and possibly millions in fines.

Saving the industry Hundreds of Billions of Dollars annually in fines and penalties due to Non – Compliance

KloudGaze is the only fully automated solution to analyze and discover the hidden elements of regulatory non- compliance at code levels across your enterprise.




How KloudGaze enables Kompliance

  • Comes with all compliance rules. New rules are automatically added as they are announced
  • Allows creation of enterprise specific compliance rules via a simple wizard
  • Automatically generates an enterprise wide compliance map
  • Every code element and associated dependency is automatically analyzed for compliance rules
  • All applications / databases where issues exist are identified at “code levels” against all rules

KloudGaze is the Industry’s First Fully Automated Code Level Compliance Solution

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