Tens of thousands of systems in an enterprise, Billions of lines of code…

It’s no secret that companies are wary and skeptical to migrate their systems to the cloud or modernize their legacy architecture to newer architectures like microservices, simply due to the “Fear of the Unknown.” Not knowing what will stop working, what systems will break, prohibits innovation

KloudGaze is the industry’s only agentless and fully automated solution that brings complete visibility needed to execute on key and strategic transformation initiatives.

Cloud Migration

Digital Transformation


Transition to Microservices


How KloudGaze Enables Migrations & Modernization

  • KloudGaze is able to instantly generate a comprehensive enterprise map across all applications and databases
  • In-depth drill-down capabilities to view relationships and touchpoints at “code levels”
  • Instantly generate recent, up-to-date and accurate architectural artifacts and other documents
  • Powerful analytical models instantly generate roadmap to plan and execute the most complex transformation initiatives
  • Capabilities to analyze historical evolution of enterprise systems with a comprehensive trail

Industry’s FIRST Automated Cloud Migration (coming soon)

KloudGaze automatically analyzes each application and database for Cloud Migration feasibility:

  • Delivers detailed feasibility analysis for cloud migration, including financial ROI analysis
  • Makes platform recommendation
  • Ability to automatically lift & shift applications and databases to cloud of choice. Eliminates the need for expensive consulting services and increases speed and agility
  • Ability to automatically to refactor code to make applications and databases compatible with the cloud of choice
  • Ability to automatically prepare detailed analysis on code elements that cannot be automatically refactored with comprehensive guide and roadmap on making the suggested changes

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