Get Complete Understanding of Your Enterprise’s Application and Database Dependencies

Rapidé Agentless Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)

Introducing Rapidé, the industry’s first agentless application dependency mapping and comprehensive change assessment platform.

Until now, IT teams performed application dependency mapping through manual technology audits and tedious documentation, which are not only costly, but woefully inefficient.

In fact, manual application dependency mapping processes account for more than half of the time and revenue spent on application development projects. But what if you could cut Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) costs in half?

Automated in-Depth Identification and Visualization

As the industry’s first agentless Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and comprehensive Change Assessment platform, Rapidé automatically maps every application and database in your enterprise and creates a powerful dependency map at “code level.”

Eliminate Redundant Manual Processes

With the power of Rapidé’s smart APIs, you can pave the way to autonomous operations, empowering your IT team to instantly create a dependency blueprint that removes the need for manual software infrastructure audits and reduces human error.

Full-Stack Enterprise Visibility in Minutes

Automatically discover and document application and database dependencies with Rapidé’s automated, in-depth identification and visualization tools for all virtual, physical, and cloud assets. See everything in a single view, enabling full-stack infrastructure visibility.

Enhanced Change Assessment Capability

Rapidé speeds up app development by instantly providing change assessments. Your DevOps team can conduct powerful analyses to see how changing applications, databases, and their associated code elements will result in breakpoints across the enterprise.

Make Code Changes with Confidence

Rapidé enables IT teams to not only assess the risk or impact of a change prior to making it, but also helps them understand the downstream impacts of those changes. It provides step-by-step analyses, so companies know exactly what to change and how to avoid repercussions.

Monitor, analyze, and manage your enterprise applications and database dependencies in complex, multi-cloud/multi-system environments

How It Works?

Learn the impact of a code change across enterprise applications and databases in 3 simple steps

Select code changes in single or multiple applications/databases.


Execute the change query.


Get a detailed dependency blueprint instantly.

Why Rapidé?

As the industry’s first 100% AGENTLESS Dependency Mapping Platform (patent pending), Rapidé leverages smart APIs to extract application and database information to validate application dependencies and eliminate redundant manual processes that are highly prone to human error.

Different from other platforms, Rapidé generates a 360-degree view of the countless lines of code that keep your organization running, so you’ll be able to:

  • Save up to 50% in
    development costs
  • Make agile teams sprint
    faster, better, and cheaper
  • Reduce manual dependency
    analysis time by up to 50%
  • Troubleshoot server, database,
    and network issues
  • Eliminate the unknowns in
    application development
  • Drive application and
    business performance

Reduce time and cost of manual dependency analysis, by knowing exactly what applications will get impacted by a code change